Rental Equipment

heavy equipment rental

Whether you are in power generation, oil and gas, construction or heavy industry, you can always rely on
our heavy equipment to provide you with the right turnkey solution at the right time. Our heavy equipment
gives you the flexibility each job demands with the performance and productivity you depend upon. When
you rent construction equipment from you can rest assured of getting the lowest-hour machines available.
We also carry a huge assortment of quality allied machines to fit all your equipment needs.

Equipment Available For Rent


Our backhoe loaders in our inventory are of some of the most popular brands in the world such as CAT
and JCB. These sturdy machines are capable of digging and carrying heavy loads with ease.


We provide heavy cranes for hire, which are capable of handling loads weighing up to 100 ton. The
equipment is well maintained and the hydraulic arms have a good control over heavy loads.


Our diesel fuel tankers offers a prime fuel storage and transportation service. They are substantially large
enough to haul huge volumes of fuel and the insides are coated with protective coating as per industry
standards, which help keep the fuel safe.


The diesel generators offer uninterrupted high voltage power solutions to all your power requirements and
can power a variety of equipment with ease. The generators are well maintained and are extremely
reliable, and also consume an optimal amount of fuel.


We offer powerful diesel welding machines for all your welding solutions. These tiny power houses are
capable of welding with precision and accuracy. They offer a comprehensive range of power supply and
are hence competent enough to function on various operations.


The excavators have large buckets and the strong hydraulic arm is capable of handling large amounts of
weight. The strong arm and bucket mechanism makes it easier to dig through hard grounds.


We have powerful forklifts capable of handling heavy weights on a construction site. These nimble
machines are capable of working under extreme load conditions and fit in tight locations quite


Our portable tower lighting helps light dark corners, especially in high rise constructions. The diesel
operated generators are well maintained and offer optimal fuel consumption.


The sturdy Steer Skid loaders at our disposal are extremely maneuverable and the tiny size can help
carry significant amounts of loads that wouldn’t be possible on traditional cranes. They are also equipped
to dig holes in areas inaccessible to conventional diggers.


The telescopic handlers in our inventory have long stable working radius and are capable of carrying
heavy loads. They can easily help deliver bulky cargo safely to elevated locations.


The truck mounted crane has a wider arm range and offers ample mobility compared to conventional
cranes. The truck makes it extremely portable and easy to transport.


The front buckets of the wheel loaders are capable of carrying equipment/ freight and are also strong
enough to do some light digging. The hydraulic arms offer a good support when carrying and digging.


Bulldozers are the prime equipment in any earthmoving and heavy construction projects. At Hurtle Energy,
we have sturdy bulldozers at our disposal, with well-maintained hydraulics and rugged buckets which are
capable of carrying heavy loads and clearing wide areas of hard ground with ease.


The dewatering pumps are powerful enough to pump out large volumes of water from various sites
construction sites, mine shafts, or riverbeds with ease. These small sized machines can be manoeuvred
around in tight spaces and are fuel efficient too.


This heavy machinery equipment is capable of levelling large areas of land easily, laying optimal
groundwork to lay roads/ pathways. The Graders at our disposal are some of the best models in the
market today, and offer precision control.